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Facial Cleansing & Hydration

Facial Cleansing

Refreshing facial skin can start with a deep cleansing facial that is carried out with the aid of ultra-modern IONTO-COMED machine, which thanks to its multiple functions, allows the active ingredients of specialized products to penetrate deeply into the skin! This is not an ordinary cleansing, since it removes dirt and sebum from the skin. Also, thanks to the wide variety of available products, different creams for every skin type are applied, which makes every cleansing special. The purpose of cleansing is to not leave marks or scars to the person, but to help it breathe and be renewed.

How the deep cleansing is done

First stage in a deep cleansing is the removal of dirt with lotions. Then place the facial scrub that removes dead skin cells for better extraction of sebum and penetration of later cosmetic products. Then with the help of steam from the special machine resource the pores are drilled with gentle pressure and always with the use of gloves by the aesthetician. With the help of facial currents during cleansing we offer antibacterial protection on face. In the end we apply a facial mask suitable for every skin type as well as a healing, antiseptic cream or soothing cream.

Most likely after cleansing an engorgement is created on face due to the process, which under normal circumstances would disappear next day. This always depends on the type of skin, a skin without particular sensitivity and without acne will present less irritation than one that has acne and possibly is under medication.

The facial cleansing is often recommended in cases where there are comedowns (blackheads sebum gets trapped and like small cysts). In skins with a tendency to oiliness complementary treatment Peelings are useful.

What to look for after cleansing

After a cleansing you should not accept solar or any other type of radiation (such as Laser). Avoid physical activity for approximately 24 hours, as the sweat and dirt from the sport can pollute and irritate your skin.


Moisturizing facial hydration process begins with a simple clean (cleansing) to remove dirt. Following the peeling namely exfoliation of our package helps to remove dead skin cells. So it’s even easier to penetrate the moisturizing ingredients that will be applied to the skin, multivitamins, etc. Then we apply a serum. We spread the moisturizer all over the face and continue with kneading that offers relaxation, while causing hyperemia, increases skin temperature, which helps to absorb better the products. The application of the mask that follows remains on the face for 20 minutes. Finally after removing the mask we apply a facial and eye moisturizer. You should not forget to use sunscreen before you are exposed to the sun.


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