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Laser hair removals

Unwanted hair is a problem that concerns all people regardless of age and gender. Men are often interested in areas like their chest and back, while women are mostly interested in areas like their legs, upper lip, chin, armpits and bikini line. If you are tired of using the razor and other time-consuming methods which have short-lived results, then it’s time you sought the permanent solution offered by laser hair removal.
With this method the hair follicle is disabled by the energy of a laser beam. The results are dependent on skin type as well as on the type and color of hair. Dark hair, preferably on light skin, absorbs more easily laser energy, thus, being more easily destroyed. Laser hair removal is possible only on short and visible hair. Two to three days before the procedure you will have to shave the areas on which laser hair removal will be applied for the hair to lengthen a bit. During the epilation you will be wearing special glasses in order to avoid eye contact with the laser light produced by the manual laser device applied to your skin. You may experience a mild itching or a sense of discomfort while sometimes a local ointment is used. The duration and number of sessions depend on the range of the area treated as well as on skin and hair type. The most usual case is , though, that several repetitions on the same area are needed in order to ensure that hair will no longer be recreated. In general, laser treatment is a safe method which rarely shows side effects and despite its high cost it is considered to be advantageous since you will be free once and for all from other painful and time-consuming hair removal methods.
During the laser treatment but also for several weeks after its completion intense exercise causing sweating is prohibited as well as sun exposure without using a sun block with a high SPF. What is still recommended is to avoid any kind of activity that could possibly irritate or injure your skin on the area treated. Lastly, solarium and the use of other hair removal methods are also prohibited. In addition, you should make sure that all the marks from your summer tan have disappeared before deciding to undergo the laser treatment in order to achieve an even result.

APOGEE 5500 Alexandrite Laser System

The APOGEE 5500 method offers the safest, fastest, most painless and permanent epilation.
APOGEE 5500 is designed to respond equally well to all skin types (even to sun tanned skin), to both fine and thick hair and, of course, to all body parts from face, arms, armpits to back, legs, chest and bikini line.

All the above, not only make the APOGEE 5500 method to override any other epilating method but also make it appropriate for people of all ages, both men and women delivering impressive results.

Its big advantage is that it ensures the minimum sense of discomfort while promising longer-term results and fewer number of applications. In addition, this laser method makes use of air cooling contrary to other devices which make use of cryogen sprays that may be risky for your health.

APOGEE 5500 is currently the fastest laser for hair removal. Particularly, for large areas of the body (legs, back) where other lasers need at least 2 hours per session, APOGEE 5500 needs considerably than an hour.

The number of sessions and the interval between sessions depend on various parameters such as: the area of the body treated, coarseness and color of hair, phase of hair growth and skin color. Generally, in areas with coarse and dark hair the reduction of hairgrowth reaches more than 50% from the very second application.

What follows is, touch up treatments in order to achieve full and long-term results. Sometimes the case is that due to hormonal reasons or administered medication several repetitions of the treatment are required.


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